Specific Technologies

  • Internal combustion engines
  • Conventional and alternative fuels
  • Emission controls and aftertreatment
  • Conventional and emerging powertrains
  • Advanced industrial processes

Management Specialties

  • Commercialization of advanced technologies
  • Personnel and project management
  • Deal structuring and fundraising
  • Technical and business diligence
  • Intellectual property management

Technical Expertise & Specialties

  • Chemical, mechanical, and process engineering
  • Experiment design
    • Laboratory test equipment design
    • Controls/automation and data acquisition
    • Hardware design and construction
    • Test program design
  • Application of software, distributed devices, GPS, and other communication/control technologies to automotive applications
  • Engine and chassis dynamometer testing
  • Regulatory compliance (e.g., CEQA mitigation and CARB fleet rules)
  • Expert witness and litigation support

Sales and Marketing

  • Market analysis and marketing strategy
  • Customer identification
  • Technical sales
  • Participation in industry forums and panels

Regulatory Expertise

  • Interface between technology providers and government agencies
    • Engine and aftertreatment certifications
    • Regulatory policy and rulemaking
    • Incentive program development
    • Grant/proposal writing and management

Financial and Business Management

  • Financial analysis
    • ROI and cost-benefit analysis
    • Capex/Opex analysis
    • Modeling and sensitivity analysis
  • Start-up formation, staffing, and organization
  • Project and personnel management tailored to small and medium-sized businesses