Investor Due Diligence
& Services for Start Ups

44 Energy principals have years of experience commercializing products in both start-up and OEM environments. Our expertise covers emission control systems, engine and transmission powertrain technologies, and advanced industrial equipment for the biofuels industry.

As a result, we understand the entire product development and commercialization process and can provide objective advice on a number of topics including:


44 Energy principals helped turn a one-time opportunity to recycle diesel particulate filters into a national known precious metals recycling organization. Leveraging our experience with operations and commercialization, our knowledge of diesel emission control system technology, and our understanding of the heavy-duty truck and bus market, we built a national business with hundreds of accounts including vehicle, engine, and component suppliers, national dealer/service groups, public and private fleets, and vehicle dismantlers. Red Fox continues to expand its capabilities, scope, and scale to help customers maximize the value of their parts and to play a key role in the circular economy necessary for a sustainable future.


44 Energy principals helped a brilliant engineer with a great idea to launch Voltaire Compressor Solutions, a manufacturer of high efficiency air compressor systems. We used our “playbook” to constitute and capitalize Voltaire as California C-corporation, getting the company setup and open for business. 44 Principals were involved with the first commercialization efforts that resulted in a successful product design program and a long-term supply and development relationship with a large industrial customer.

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