Juston Smithers

Managing Director

Juston is Managing Director and co-founder of 44 Energy. He has over 20 years of experience in technology development, as well as in consulting on technical and regulatory matters. 

As a technology developer, Juston has worked in all stages of product development starting with initial concept and progressing through R&D, field demonstrations, regulatory approval, and commercialization. He has successfully deployed state of the art technologies for both the diesel emission control and biofuels production markets. 

As a consultant, Juston has advised clients on a range of subjects including permitting, interpretation of state and federal environmental standards, vehicle laboratory compliance, and vehicle emissions and fuel economy certifications.

Juston is a leading expert in light- and heavy-duty emissions and fuel economy testing, both in real-world and laboratory settings, and has pioneered a variety of techniques to measure and analyze vehicle emissions and fuel economy in real-world conditions.

Juston leads 44 Energy’s consulting practice where he works directly with clients on a variety of projects in addition to management a team of highly trained engineers and technicians.

Juston is also the co-founder of Red Fox Resources, a precious metals recycling company focused on sustainable processing of emission control components used in the heavy-duty engine and industrial control applications.

Juston has lectured on topics of energy, career, and sustainability at UC Berkeley and is regular participant on chemical engineering panel discussions.

He holds a BS in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley with an emphasis in environmental technology.

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